Robin M. Yang Jr. - 17 | she/her | July 23rd | 5’5 | INFJ-A
Our lovely lead, she tends to mind her own business and wait for senior year to be over. Robin loves art, her friends, and loyalty above all else. Her friends are mostly online, as either they've graduated, or they go to different schools. She works on a webcomic with her friends, Percy, Wendy, Faith, and Jake. A bit socially anxious, she often combats this by pushing people away so she doesn’t have to deal with them. Though, getting past her exterior isn’t as difficult as people like to think…
Ethan M. Sadik-Karga - 17 | he/him | March 16th | 5’8 | ENFJ-T
The puppy-dog boy that seeks after Robin’s friendship. He’s hardworking, managing school, a job, and baseball; he always tries to make time for his friends and family. A good guy with a big heart, he stands by his morals and would rather spend his weekends volunteering than staying at home and doing nothing. A tad daft, but not as much of an obvious idiot as he seems. It begs the question why he wants to be friends with Robin so much.
Percy Robinson - 19 | he/him | November 25th | 5’10 | INFJ-A
Robin’s friend from school. A college student majoring in Web Design. The dad friend of the group, Percy often ends up delegating when working on their group comic, or whenever they need to plan hangouts. Is often the voice of reason. Treats his friends like family and would protect them with his life. Always knows what to say when someone needs to hear it. Percy takes pride in making sure everyone is on task. He's a fun guy that always knows to put work before anything else.
Wendy Paluki - 18 | she/her | March 24th | 5’7 | ENFP-A
The rowdy best friend of Robin, easily distracted and easily amped up. Wendy is the most playful of the group, taking an older sister type role. Dramatic as much as she is loud, she keeps the morale high while working on demanding tasks. She and Robin met at an anime convention a few years back. Ever since then, they've kept in touch. She's in charge of the background design for their comic.. She hopes to study interior design one day, but would like to take a gap year before doing so.
Faith Jawaria - 16 | she/her | May 8th | 5’3 | INFJ-A
Sweet and level headed, Faith takes a kinder approach to situations, noting things others may have missed. She tends to be the most empathetic, and encourages her friends to take note as well. Despite being the youngest of the group, her maturity sometimes gives the illusion she is the oldest. Out of everyone, she’s known Robin for the longest and treats her like family. Faith is also the person who came up with the name for the group, Story Drive. She's responsible for color design on all fronts of their comic. She has a fantastic sense of color and is very fashionable.
Jake Morris - 17 | he/him | February 12th | 5’8 | ISTJ-T
Robin’s previous neighbor, classmate, and friend who moved over the summer. Jake is the social media expert of the group. It's his job to advertise online and respond to people on social media. He takes pride in his skill and likes to show off. Overprotective, to the point it may be smothering, he’s quick to distrust other’s intentions. He often has to be convinced by his friends before letting new people into his life. Out of everyone, he’s taking a more protective role of Robin, given his knowledge of her previous history of getting bullied. Though… there might be something more as to why he’s so protective…
Jack Horris - 17 | he/him | April 4th | 5’9 | ISTJ-T
Ethan’s best friend since middle school In their friend group, he’s the most chill and level headed. Though, he often takes a neutral approach, as if something isn’t his business, he’ll stay out of it. This is often what happens when Carson or anyone else goes around bothering people. Kinder than most, he and Ethan get along fairly well and have been attached at the hip since they met. If there’s one thing, he’s very protective over his best friend.
Carson Garden - 17 | he/him | August 31st | 5’8 | ESTP-A
Carson is one of Ethan's friends. A very outgoing guy with a short temper. He finds many things a joke, and would prefer to not be serious. Having a lackadaisy attitude, he doesn’t mind being in other people’s personal space, which Ethan isn’t often bothered with it. Absent-minded to others, he often keeps his focus on Ethan, and Todd, a underclassmen he’s ‘taken under his wing’. They often get in trouble together.
Todd Markle - 16 | he/him | September 22nd | 5’7 | ISTP-A
Friend to Carson, and by proxy, Ethan, Todd is inattentive to things he doesn’t care about, often opting to encourage Carson in his behavior. He looks up to his confident exterior, wanting to be more like him. Because he hangs out with kids that are older than him, this often leads to Todd attempting to maintain some sort of role within the group. This means he ends up being a troublemaker to entertain the others (mostly Carson).